Top Content Marketing Tips & Tricks For Blogger Blog Content Marketing In Blogger.

I have to say this before anything else,  to market your content you need to establish your social media very well enough.
Content marketing stars over from a very paramount point of view.  It has few steps to follow to avoid going against community guidelines set up by Google. Blogger blogs are made differently according to the type of content that is uploaded. Let's take an instance where we have a news blog and an affiliate blog. Which one needs content marketing the most?

All fields of blogging need content marketing. This is achieved in many ways, you may decide to promote any content that includes posts, videos, E books, clothes, shoes, newspapers, templates and so on. The list is endless.
Before I get you bored I have interesting Tips and Tricks that can skyrocket your content marketing skills to be used in blogger templates.

1. Have Share buttons Next to the post.

This is the best tool that helps many blogs grow since visitors can easily suggest your content for others by sharing to the social media add-ons that are implemented next to the post. I take the instance where I get to find a very funny meme that I think would break my friend's ribs, what do you think I would do? The obvious, just share the description and that's how your blog reaches unlimited traffic easily. I suggest you use share buttons to make it easy for people to share your content than just copying links which is a lot of work to visitors.
Read On - How to Add Share Buttons To Blogger Blog

2. Set Automatic Google Plus Sharing.

This is an easy step to avoid the big dialogue box that blogger displays in order to share your post on google plus profile.
How to Set Up Google Plus Sharing Of Blogger post.
  • log in to blogger and choose the blog you want to edit.
  • On the blogger, options click on settings
  • Click on post, comments, and sharing
  • Move down to the  Share to Google+option.
  • Chen clicks on the Auto-share new published posts to your Google+ profile options.
  • Click on Save to finish

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