Search Engine Optimization is the most paramount part of developing a website. A good web designer implements SEO  ideas to optimize web engines to enable them to crawl through quality content to enhance ranking for generating better organic traffic. 

SEO is achieved in many diverse ways. You can optimize a website for better user experience such that people always want to come back to your site or design your meta keyword tags and titles with clear schema structural data that search engines will value your content to suggest to the search top results. At some point, you can implement both SEO ideas.

How does SEO determine a lot in ranking?
I am sure at some point in time you have gone through some article on a website only to get negative results, bugs to find out the website is a scam. Would you ever come back to that website?
Now, this is the reason why google conditions of ranking a website are based on the optimization of the requirements. Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines crawl for the best website that meets the search engine requirements and ranks it.

Learners Guide Topics To Content SEO.

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    • Content SEO Tutorial
      •  How To Optimize Content for better SEO.
    • Coding SEO tutorial
      •  How To Code template for better SEO
    • Image SEO Tutorial
      • How To Optimize Images for better SEO

Read through the above articles for understanding SEO more better.
How Search Engines work.
Make sure you read through the topics attached below to start your journey to your better SEO website. Look at the picture bellow and observe way SEO partners work. 

The SEO diagram life cycle.
SEO is divided into two major categories.
I have articles for you that well explains the two major parts in details. Click latter and read through them for a better understanding of the two and which one is more easy for you.
The Two major Categories are:-
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
Extended topics of On and Off page SEO.
    • On Page SEO.
      •  This is a type of SEO that involves optimization of tags and code part of the template to enable the crawlers to read through your content easily. The SEO basically needs you to submit the details about the articles you write about to search engines through sitemaps. Read more about sitemaps and how to submit them for better SEO. Meta tags should be included so as to be tracked during searching of the related content heading so as to be ranked with the particular keyword. The keyword density should be analyzed for better know how of how the amount of traffic a keyword can bring to your website. Robot txts should be added to articles to enable them to be ranked for the content created since the robots are the medium routes that the search engines use to crawl through a website page to analyze the quality and keywords that match search results. The search engines also look for the error pages to know if they function so as to avoid broken links in redirection. They include error page 404 and 301. Title tags for links are also analyzed in the open page SEO. Having known a lot about the ON page SEO website optimization you can read more in the following article. On Page SEO
    • Off Page SEO
      • on the other hand Off-Page SEO is basically where you don't depend on the own marketing of your own page view through different sources that are not generated from search engines. this is where you advertise your content in a thorough way so as your content can be viewed. This type of SEO is mostly used in different areas such as affiliate marketing of products and raising up your business for better purchases of made products. people and companies who use this tactic mostly look for influencers in the social media platforms to make good market sources for them  by redirecting the people to webpages that drive them  towrads purchasing products. I have a page that shows how you can ge nerate traffic by Off Page SEO for business purposes. The disadvantage of this  method of SEO is that if the link is not marketed alow you can not generate any organic traffic to your website since the search engines are not optimized for your posts. Off page  SEO is archied by using rss, article marketing, social media and forum posting.

Top Search Engines Focus GuideThe top search engines sites ( Google, Bing, Yahoo ) are companies that started since time immemorial. They tend to be added more modules year by year to rank content. 
You may have positive content but never get ranked. I nearly got depressed when I made my first blog website which never got ranked. Little did I know how to optimize my website for ranking. I never thought some things really mattered, but after reading lots of SEO articles I came to know where I went wrong.

  Why SEO is important.
  • SEO helps in the ranking of websites.
  • It changes the quality of content.
  • Helps generate Lots of organic traffic
  • Generates more ads revenue.
How Content SEO optimization is important.
Let it be known that if you make lame content you will get knocked out of ranked search results so easily.The quality of content is the most paramount part of a website since the traffic main idea is to be served with the required content.
Content may be different, It may be news, Photos, graphics, videos, love tips and more other interesting content. I would be so disappointed if I open up a page for love tips and only find photos.  That's  why Google will rank content according to the best quality corresponding to the searched topic in search engines. 

Don't make mistakes too. SEO is important for all websites that want to generate organic traffic from search engines.

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