how to add a href language tag to blogger blog guideLanguage Href tags communicate with search engines. They do this by specifying the correct language used in writing the articles. Webmaster, google search engines extension prefers using href tags in websites for their engines to specify the right recipient of the content by analyzing the language used. Let me take you to step by step in the ways you should follow to add the Href tags to your blogger template.

How To Add The Href Language Tag To Blogger Template.

Step: 1
Login to Blogger and choose from your blog list the website you want to add language Href tags.

Step: 2
Click on theme section bar and click on Edit HTML.
Step: 3
click anywhere in the code of your template and press control F no get a search box for locating any piece of code.
Step: 4
find the head tag by searching for the below code.


Step: 5
Just below it add the following code.

[<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />]

Step: 6
You will have to replace some fey things in that code;
  • change the to your domain name
  • Change the href language that to you according to the language used in content.
Step: 7
change the Href tags code to the preferred code and if you have much translation s you can use the # notation to show that the language used can be translated and hence there is no commonly used language.

Href tags are very paramount for every website SEO. This is so because there is no way Google can rank your content without knowing the specific audience that you are targeting. Including your language helps the search engines relate to the search made by the people using your particular language and providing the information of your webpage to them since the language search resembles your content.

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  2. Thank you for the Href tags i have been searching for them all over

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