Before you get bored let me get straight to the mistakes beginners bloggers make and this may greatly change how you make content and interact with both search engines and traffic. Enjoy.

Most Blogging mistakes Beginner bloggers make

Mistake 1: You think everyone is a Pro.

I would rather go to a post with a good explanation of content than to post that has complex good looking material that I would be able to use. That's the big secret of the off page SEO. 
Its a tendency of most beginner bloggers to write articles with less information, guide and explanation about the particular subject. Not everyone understands the staff. it's so easy to get confused in an article like one of coding where complex materials without explanations are used. It's good to start from the guide in explaining something till you reach to the most complex explanation and your traffic will appreciate your post since they are able to follow your content and use them easily.

Let people appreciate your content and search engines will notice that with the time taken in reading content. You will be ranked for that. This is the greatest mistake of all times that a blogger can do. When a new person clicks on a post that's a view. That's not all, the person either decides to bounce back from your content to Google to find other related website content since yours may be confusing or may read through easily, enjoy and implement the ideas you gave out and can come back some other time to your website for other content or to read again.

Mistake 2: They are always playing around with code.

Many blogger beginners think their site is lacking many things and visits because they need the complex code from all software generators. This also attacked me at my earlier stages of blogging. I used every code I could see on the internet to bring more visitors thinking I could hack them to my site. This happened for some few months till I came to realize what blogging is all about. Blogging is all about content, so if you use many codes just to bring traffic to your site without enough content and optimization its a great waste of time. I would tell everyone to focus on their content and topic and optimize their site without adding suspicious codes that could affect your rating or add malware to your website. Learn More about the below topics.

It's good to use code that optimizes your content and website for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index your content and rank it for people. As a result, I have content that shows the best blogger code you can use to optimize your content in the best way.

[SEO ##eye##]   [Meta Tags ##eye##]

Mistake 3: Aplying for ads without enough content.

Please don't apply for ads without having generated enough content for your website. According to Google, you will need 300 words in your articles for you to qualify. That's not all you will need, you have to make some pages for you to qualify. Such page includes contact us, privacy and policy, about us and others that you may think are paramount to your website information to avoid your site looking as a scam. There are lots of ways of getting money out there, and none will give you the guarantee of giving you the service if you have not made your website in the right way for search engines to crawl or even have less content to get enough traffic which are their terms and conditions that must apply.

Before submission of your site for ads services such as absence, tubular or mgid wait till you have some great content and met all the requirements to avoid being turned down. Also, make privacy and policy page and not forgetting the contact us, about us and copyright policy to avoid your content is copyrighted.

Mistake 4: Your topics are too broad 

You may take me wrong when I say that most beginner bloggers make a mistake by making content that contradicts each other by using topics that are not related which make search engines confused in the content and lack keywords that can be used to rank your site.
It's easy to rank in 3 topics than in 11 topics if you don't make sufficient content and optimize them well for ranking. Different keywords have their level of difficulty and that affects the number of people that are going to read fro the blog post. A good example is news, photography, and fashion. This is the topics that receive a lot of traffic in content writing and it's so hard to rank in all of them if you only wrote a few stories.
From the above result, you can tell how many people have written content about fashion and the keyword has 19 billion results. what do you think will work out if you use many tags? you will not rank in any of them, trust me.

My biggest advice to beginner bloggers is finding the topics that you will want to rank in and they should relate to each other. Then and Only then will search engines rank your content. Avoid this great mistake. Take into consideration my site and the value I give to my traffic, I make content that relates to each other and can help you work out great content in blogging only.

Mistake 5: Your writing not from the original source. 

Its always good to have content that is not copyrighted. This will save you a lot since the search engines will always know since they read content data. Its good to use copyright pictures but not content since the pictures are not read by the engines but the content is. Its good to steal the ideas of the competing websites but don't steal one's idea just to make money from it. That can get you into very serious trouble that includes losing your site if you use blogger. So this mistake is repeatedly observed in many beginner bloggers content and that's not right. 

Please change the to unique content from copyrighted content and that will step up your blogging game. You can ask your family members help out with any content that is related to your blog keywords and that will help you grow your blog a notch higher than ever experienced before.

Mistake 6: Your website should have good UI.

The craziest mistake that many bloggers do is that they have websites that have a very poor user interface that people would always bounce back after entering their website since some of them don't match their content. Let's say we have a photography or fashion blogger who has a poor user interface website, do you think the people would even take a look at the work? absolutely not. and why? this is because there is no way you can be a fashion blogger with a website that looks like that of a technology blogger who has not much to worry about the UI of the template since people will still be interested.

This is a prayer for all bloggers, please manage your site user interface so they can be friendly to the traffic. It's not an SEO requirement but its a human requirement. Ever person likes what he sees.
Take a look at this template from Theme Origins.

[Click Here##eye##] 

Mistake 7: You think you're done once the writing's done. 

This is where everything goes magic where people expect good traffic while they sleep and party just after publishing a post, they forget that they need to market the link in all the ways possible so as to tap the traffic from all sources. Lets sometimes take blogging at the new level and get the traffic for the money. Nothing comes easy, the search engines rank you if people love your articles. Let's take time and make the best articles and market them all over.

If you are keen enough you may have already got the solution of the mistake. Let's try to make people know we have blogs and let them follow them for more and more traffic on our sites. That's how your traffic grows. You are assisted by social media, SEO, friends, and partners.

Thank You for Your time I hope I inspired you to be a good Blogger.


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