What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO well-known search engine optimisation is the designing of blog code and content to generate traffic from organic, natural and editorials in google search results by twerking different approaches friendly to google search results.

SEO is hard for different field and at the same time easy for others. Search engines understand content from articles written and the text quality for ranking of the topics in search results. 
Major search engines targets when optimizing are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Rumours have it that they all bare same characteristics of analysing website content data for ranking and so SEO in both can be considered the same although implemented in different optimizing ways.

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

Search engines don't view the website structure, instead, they can only read through the content. The content subject to reding by engines is content, web pages and videos. 

Search Engines don't view website display but instead, they use the user preferences to rank you in search results. How is this achieved? This is simple when a visitor views your webpage and doesn't like the user interface it may be difficult for him/her to go through the content without thinking its spam. As a result, the Search Engine Optimization goes in handy with your blog appearance.

How Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) works.

It's not enough to generate your site traffic from social media. That's the hardest way of getting traffic. SEO comes in to empower bloggers to generate organic traffic from writing relevant content, structuring the content in a way that crawlers can read through and understand and increasing good website visit user interactions.
Ways To Optimize Search Engines ( SEO )

The two Types of Traffic.
- Paid traffic
- Organic Traffic

You Rank high if you pay to be ranked for specific keywords for promoting a product or even a brand. The service is offered at a price while organic traffic is free and is given depending on the quality of content and the optimization of crawl in search engines. 

How Search Engines Rank Websites.

Search engines are made of bots that o through code and text content to know which search results the people searching for the keyword would like, apreciate and be of help the most and tend to rank it higher. 
Everybody would like to be recognised by google , Bing and Yahoo search engines so that they can get the organic traffic getting to their site even more better and easily. The big question people ask themselves is , What does Search engines look for in their webites and am going to point them out so that they can help you build god content and better websites that will be acnoleged by google.
What Search Engines Look In A Website For SEO Ranking.


keywords are the first requirement that has to be placed well in content so that the engines can easily distinguish which content contains what kind of information. When a persion needs information about Content Marketing what He/She does is that they log into the search engine like google and search for the word Content marketing and the search engines will display only content about Content marketing becouse the website with the particular post has already point out the topic of the article as being in the cartegory of content marketing.
Make sure you include good and correct keywords about a specific topic to avoid search engines being confused about what exacly what your post is all about and lack meeting the SEO requirements. Make your articles SEO optimized today by using keywords in the right manner. Read more on keywords since its a broad topic that is a great considaration of SEO.

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