Complete Guide To SEO.

When it comes to SEO, everyone has different perspectives. SEO can be a vital activity you have to follow in building a website and writing content. As easy as that. If you are a pro at SEO, you may have come around more SEO guides and all circulate around content, Web speed, Hosting and Providers.
In this post today, I am going to break down all the SEO exercises you need to cover to be ranked. Follow the complete guide and you will never need this tutorial again. Before we go far into details, Both Blogger and WordPress users will be advantaged. The two blogging service providers have very different SEO requirements.
WordPress Users SEO Guide Topics.
  • Speed
  • Indexing
  • Structured Data
  • Hosting
  • SEO Directories Submission
  • Webmasters. ( Bing, Yandex and Google)

Complete Guide To SEO in WordPress.

WordPress Spead Guide For SEO 

1.Choosing A Theme For Your Template In WordPress For SEO.

Search Engines get tired of crawling. Its funny but let me break down how. A theme is made up of Html, CSS and java scripts that are sometimes heavy when used a lot and that takes search engines a lot of time to crawl through code.

desighn-Complete Guide To SEO.


Search engines Don`t See How Beautiful a Website Is But Humans Do.
When choosing a theme template its good to consider both people and search engines. Search engines will crawl through your content and index your pages high with rank even with an ugly template. They tend to rank templates with large speed in loading pages. However, if you are ranked and people find your website looking ugly, they bounce back and Google notices that causing them not to rank you easily.

2. SEO Guide In Choosing A Web host For WordPress

At Time of Hosting Your WordPress, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

Wordpress Structured Data Guide For SEO.

Wordpress Structured Data Guide For SEO.

Structured data is the way data is positioned in search engines by including algorithms that organise data and posts for a website to be better viewed by search engines. Search engines value organising Data for easier crawling and will index the optimized quicker.

How To Use Stractured Data In Wordpress For SEO.
Bellow are structured data types that search engines consider and rank websites with .

  • Breadcrumb
  • Corporate Contact
  • Carousel
  • Logo
  • Sitelinks Searchbox
  • Social Profile
The above are some of the most used structured data in google. If you are on word press , you are even more safe since they are made easy by Yoast SEO. For the best in search results use the full package of yoast premium that include the following plugins.

Yoast Seo Premium SEO Plugins For WordPress

 Yoast SEO News Plugin.
The Yoast News web optimization plugin helps optimize your website for Google Information. It creates XML Information Sitemaps, editors picks RSS feeds and permits utilization of the standout tag and the meta news_keywords tag.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin.
Yoast SEO premium contributes to enhancing your rating in engines like google. This plugin comes with a redirect supervisor, 24/7 premium help and tutorial movies of all the plugin.
The best of Yoast SEO premium is the structured data helper.

Yoast SEO Video Plugin.
The Video search engine optimization for WordPress plugin makes positive that your embedded movies are proven within the video search outcomes as movies, with a thumbnail picture.
Youtube videos are even better monitored if The plugin is used.

Yoast SEO Local Plugin.
Native website positioning helps you rank excessive in native search outcomes. This plugin inserts Google Maps, provides a retailer locator and inserts the addresses and opening hours of your organization to your web site.

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