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SEO really looks at every aspect of its requirements in order to rank your content, ar a result of the requirements, it's a bloggers duty to make his/her content in the correct way that robots would like in order for them to rank. Image optimization is one of the most paramount factors that can get your content ranked if you include some steps that are so paramount in the SEO life cycle of content writing.

How Can You Optimize Images For Better SEO?

Before we study the steps or even make you lack the big part of this article, I would like to empower you with this one great information that the search engines never look at the physical picture and as a result, it only calculates the number of people who like the picture in order to rank you. I know now you are asking yourself how does that happen. Its simple, when you include the following steps.

Change the name of the picture to the topic of the post.

This is a paramount step and this helps so that Google would read the name and give image results according to the name. It's paramount that you include the name that is relevant and related to your content and most of the times include the keywords so that it can get SEO benefits too. many at times when I search for images I go to the image search section so as  to choose the best image to view from the page so i can get the results i want and when people do the same and google finds out that that photo is what people preffer that others, the page gets ranked for that. Think of it how you will loose SEO optimization just because of not formating your blogger blog images in the right manner. Before you post a picture, dont forget to change the name and start with the best keywords that people search for by using long trail keywords.

Add ALT Keys To the Image After Uploading.

i preffer using alt keys in photos since it gives the search ingnines a clue that the photo is related to the story. Search engines only use the two options and you can get the feature in blogger by clicking on properties after uploading the image.

Place Your Photo At The The Top Of The Story.

This is paramount because people will like your post even before reading it if it has a good pleasant picture before the story. Although its not good for one type of SEO its good for on page SEO which considers people more and the content and that brings around the White Hat SEO.

I hope you liked the post, comment down there if you hace any questions. Thank you.

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