What is International Targeting?.

What Exactly is International Targeting.

International targeting is the setup of the default Country target for website audience content suggestion and ranking. Google Search Console gives bloggers the opportunity to choose from their preferred geographic area audience to assist them to rank their content better in that selected Country. It's an important step for SEO and at the same time so Dangerous if set up in a wrong manner.

This are the procedures of setting up your International Target and Guide to whether to change it or not depending on your type of content.

How To Set Up International Targeting In Google Search Console.
  • To access this option, log into Google Search Console.

Google Search Console
  • Choose from your websites the one you want to add the International Graphical area targeting to.
  • Click on the search traffic with a drop-down menu on the left side of the sidebar.
  • Choose the international marketing option from the drop-down bar category and choose the country option next to International Targeting to specify the country you want to choose from the list.
  • Choose your preferred country and click on the target user in the checkbox and click on save. 
  • Wait and you will receive an Email from Google notifying you that you of the target country selection.
 Take a look at the picture below. Read the effects of choosing an International target.

SEO Effects Of International Targeting in Google Search Console

SEO Effects On Choosing International Target Country In Google Search Console.

This is a big step that needs a lot of survey before deciding on choosing this option. Your choice can affect your ranking either positively or negatively. You can easily get more traffic from using this feature and bu the same options you may lose the rank you have from the search engines. It just needs a better understanding of The Search Engines algorithms in ranking content according to the area of location. Before we venture much into the topic, let me take you to a step guide to why you should target a specific geographical area or not. Be wise.

Point To Note.
If by any chance you turn on the feature in the Google Search Console without a considerable know-how of the way International Targeting works and you lose your rank, it will take your site at least three to four months before you attain your rank back. The ranking will consider the quality of content you make after reverting the feature.

Why Choose International Targeting in Google Search Console.

Let's take an instance where a photographer has a photography website that showcases his work and would like to market his skills for bookings. The best way to empower his/her work is by target the graphical area in which he is working in. In this case, the Google Search console would benefit the photography blogger Positively since the feature would bring about traffic from his region and that's the purpose of the blog.
We have only talked about the traffic he/she will get but not the effect on SEO.
On the other hand, the SEO would be affected in such a way that the blogger may get more or less traffic according to the volume of the keywords he photography content he or she uses in that particular international target. If people from that specific country don't really embrace photography, his blog SEO would be affected negatively since there will be less volume of the keyword in that geographical area.

Tip & Trick.
If you have to choose from any International target country consider the following factors

The Keyword Difficulty of the specific keywords to use in the Country.
Before you choose the international targeting is advisable you do a good research on other websites that offer the same content and products that you use in your website since you may never be ranked if there are better content given by other websites in the same region than the ones you feature. I cant make a phones advertising website in the same graphical region with apple since it will be so hard for me to ever rank

The volume of the keywords of your website in that region
Do thorough research on the number of people who would like your content in the target area.
Take an example of a  car making company that wants to make sales and its located in Africa where the country people use animals for transport and the company wants to make sales. The people don't even use the internet as much to buy goods or even search for cars to buy. If by any chance the company decides to choose the geographical area to rank for the car products, it will get less traffic and the SEO affected negatively causing a great fall in ranking results in search engines.

The Type of Content you deliver.
If you really need to target a specific audience in a certain country then this is the best feature you should use and you can easily rank in that country if you do your SEO optimization well and make your content of quality and quantity.
If you have a brand to promote and sell then make all the best arrangement to make sure you use this feature since you may make more sales in that particular country so easily since you will be near to your audience that needs the product or service. I prefer you learn more about Content Marketing in my articles to get more Tools and SEO guide to help you to become a good marketer of your blog content and products. Remember that people always want to get closer products and sevices, so make use of this feature. It doesn't mean that if you enable the international target country that your blog will only be viewed in that specific area only but it will help you rank in that area more and if your content is very good you will get the global recognition and get ranked by the search engines.

The Type Of Language Used In The Content Of Your Blog.
Don't try to change your target country to India just because you notice some good traffic generating from there while your content is not even translated. Your rank will automatically fall in a great way that you will regret the option.
It takes at least three months to rank back to the position you had achieved in search engines and that considers the content and actions you take after reverting the option. Don't wait till your SEO is affected, take caution.

This is the type of  Email Google will send you after the setup.

International Targeting in Google Search Console Email

I Hope and wish you now have a good and better understanding of how the International Targeting works, how to set it up and how to decide to use it for better SEO and more. Thank You.
Contact me for any Questions that you find challenging About the Topic.


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