Best SEO Optimization Website Practices Of  2018
To know what search engines would appreciate in a website is a task. I remember my first time doing SEO practices in my website it took me at least 2 months to remove a bunch of errors from the webmaster Google console because I was playing around with code to impress the bots in SEO engines. Now I can professionally guide you with the best practices to work out to your bog so as to get the best ranking results to your website in 2019.

Content SEO practices Of 2019.

Maybe its not the first time you see content SEO guide on the net but this one piece is extremely different. Let me explain to you why. First of all, people think content SEO practices is only done by optimizing your website content more and making it better than others. The main thing is that not it.

1. AMP best SEO Website Practices Of 2019

Best SEO Website Practices Of 2018
google amp
The AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) will automatically rank you number one in Google Bing and Yahoo. Ill assists you on how this goes. Well, i have a Blogger website that had so much code in it and in the webmaster tools I had an alert that I should increase text than code. I learnt about accelerated mobile pages and learnt that last year that topic was discussed thoroughly by Google developers and it's one requirement that will be a must to apply to rank in near future. Whats the Info on the AMP. what it does is that it increased the loading speed in phones by avoiding some complex java codes that lag your website behind after clicking on your page article. The image illustrates.

google amp

Take a look at the picture and you will notice the news snippets which is a good SEO sign has a thunder symbol that is written AMP. The photo is from a Wikipedia and that's what makes Wikipedia rank a lot in most search results. When I knew about this exercise that can get me ranked in Google I had to wait no longer.

How To Use AMP in Website To Improve SEO.

I will also write a complete article on this but let me take you to simpler steps. AMP can be used by using AMP project to ad code to your template so whenever you post an article it can be optimized for mobile use.
In WordPress  AMP is made even simpler to employ in templates since by the help of plugins you can enable the feature in your template easily. Use the AMP project and better your website this year for good SEO results.

Closer Look To AMP pages and how they view in Search Engines.

AMP pages and those that don't use amp look way different in google search engines. Lets say i have a page of a product that am selling and at the same time use a website with amp and a website without. The bellow will be the search results.

google amp

Basically, assume you are a search engine bot, which you are not. Then you have this two great content talking about this awesome looking jacket and you have to go though the code so you can load the page with the product. One has less codes that loads so fast and you can easily go through where the other one has complex java code that take tike to load and are disturbing. Which one would you go for ?
The same way google processes and ranks content with AMP seo this year 2019. Use AMP today and thank me latter since you will witness a good significance in ranking of your content. I hope i have empowered someone today. 2019  SEO is now on your fingertips, i used the idea and google is waiting for you to use it too so they can take your higher. Gods plan.

Structured Data SEO Practice 2019.

This is something you have come across since you started your first blog. Since time immemorial of your blogging history. This SEO practice is something we should not even talk about in this Year of 2018 since you should have implemented it long time ago. look at all successful people with the websites that flock people daily and look at the search engines structure and you will be amazed that they have used all the structured data available that match their content and giving out better descriptions and specifying logo and meta content.

Are you a Beginner ?
If you search out Apple in your search engine ( Google ) this will be the result you will receive in your browser. Take a look from the title to the end you can see the structure of the content so well. By the side its evident that their logo is there so you can know the brand well. The information goes even more further to show out ranks and contacts and also social links that you can you can use to follow up on their product and stories. Google SEO loves this so much.

I and you also love this. Its so bad to see a plain website domain name with a small description of the website without enough info. If you don't have a clue about this i better take you to an SEO tour to webmaster tools so you can see various snippets and structured data that are used by the best ranked websites.

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