Improve Page Rank in googlePage rank in search engines is what most websites fight to achieve. A website becomes more popular with the number of posts that it ranked for. To improve on page rank, some changes & improvements have to be made. To improve page rank consider both Blackhat and White hat SEO.

How To Improve Page Rank.


The guide below highlights all the Tips & Tricks to improve page rank. A page is only ranked from the Type of content, Shares, backlinks, Links from your website and The way you convey your post. What it's about page rank, SEO comes about. Follow the SEO Tips and get to improve page rank today.

Full Guide To Improve Page Rank.Full Guide To Improve Page Rank.

  1. Correct use, Research & Application Of Popular Page Keywords.
  2. Improve in Content Writing & List of Page Content.
  3. Improve in Page Rank With Backlinks.
  4. Correct Use Of Schema Markup & Rich snippets To Improve Page Rank.
  5. How To Increase Page speed To Improve Page Rank.
  6. Popular Link Exchange To increase Backlinks for page rank.
  7. Submitting Your Page To Directories.
  8. Pay for Search Ranking ADDS to improve Page Rank.

A. Correct Use, Research & Application Of Page Keywords.

Correct Use, Research & Application Of Page Keywords.Keywords are the exact words a post rank for. You can only rank if you have the search keyword people are using in search engines. Search engines define website content and decide which qualify for ranking.




How to use Keywords to Improve Page Rank.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords.
  2. Use The most Searched Keyword. ( Search Density )
  3. Analise Competitors Keywords.
  4. Use Keyword in Tittle.
  5. Use the keyword in page URL.
  6. Implement keywords in page Description.
  7. Use keywords In 1st Paragraph of the post page.
  8. Research Keyword Density.
  9. Note competitors amount of text of the corresponding post.

How To Use Long Trail Keywords To Improve Page Rank.

Long trail keywords are keywords That follow each other to increase page rank for the specific keywords. These keywords add up to the search requirements by bearing the strong words people search for. Good use of long trail keywords is a win for the improvement of page ranking.
To Use Long Trail Keywords, Combine the top search keywords that you want to write about.

How To Analyse Competitors Keywords To Improve Page Rank.

Before Using a keyword for your post, its advisable to search the specific keyword in a search engine such as Google. By doing this, you get highlighted on the topic title they have used and the content. Competitors give a better understanding of the page post rank ideas.

Best Keyword Tools To Use To Improve Page Rank.

  1. Google Keyword Planner.
  2. KWFinder
  3. Moz's Keyword Explorer
  4. Keyword Tool
  5. SEMrush.

Use Keyword In Title And Page URL to Improve Page Rank.

Title SEO Gude.
Make Sure the SEO title contains the focus keyword, at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings.The post page title comprises of parts of the searched keywords. The Title should have the bellow Qualities.

Qualities of a Good Page Title for Page Rank.

  1. Short and precise
  2. Contain the Page Search Keywords.
  3. Should Contain page content corresponding title.
  4. It should be Entertaining and Straight Forward. 
Bellow explanation indicates the correct way you can optimize your title to improve page rank in search engines.
A good example is when you want to teach a visitor on Content marketing, You start with:-
How To Do content Marketing.
If You want to Answer a Question in Content MArketing, you start with:-
Why content marketing is important.

B. Improve in Content Writing To Increase Page Ranking.

Improve in Content Writing To Increase Page Ranking.

Content writing is the cornerstone of website SEO that determines your page rank. Search engines know how to distinguish good content from bad content. Bad Content can penalize the page ranking of other pages with good content. Writing posts is a broad topic, therefore I will just highlight key content writing SEO factors that will improve your post page rank.

SEO Content Writing Guide To Improve Page Ranking.

  1. Make Your Blog Post Live to improve page rank.
  2. Make your content long for page rank.
  3. Introduce guest post writing.
  4. Place Exiting and appropriate Images where necessary Effectively.
  5. Do your research well on content and keywords to use.
  6. Keep Sentences Short and Paragraphs Shorter.
Yoast SEO plugin will show you clearly on the Improvements you need to make to your content to improve page rank. Consider looking at the points and heading in your blog post to make sure visitors can navigate well.

How To Use Content Writing To Increase Page Rank.

How To Use Content Writing To Increase Page Rank.

Search engines have unique ways of classifying the quality of content written through algorithms that collect click-through rate and time taken in the blog post by visitors. If your post is interesting to the visitors, then surely you will improve page rank within no time.

How Google Analyses Content To Improve Page Rank.

  • CTR
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Session Length
  • Time on Page
  • Time on Site
Use point taking notes in writing content. That's my trick today. To improve page rank, consider going straight to top points and avoid lots of explanations. Let your page content have top headings and flow. Then leave your audience with questions to make them ask for support and answers. Finally, improve page rank by being unique.

C. Improve Page Rank With Backlinks.

Improve Page Rank With Backlinks.


Backlinks are the website that links to your website. Believe me, you that search engines prefer websites with many backlinks. The big reason for this is that Search engines value the original source of content. Getting a good large number of backlinks shows your website has legitimate information and you get to improve your rank.
An increase in backlinks causes a corresponding increase in the improving of page rank. Ask friends to link to your blog post to improve your page rank today. Start with mine and contact me so I can also give a backlink back.

D. Correct Use Of Schema Markup & Rich snippets To Improve Page Rank.

Improve Page Rank With Killer Tips
Schema Markup Data Include:-
  • Articles
  • Book reviews
  • Events
  • Local businesses
  • Movies
  • Products
  • Restaurants
  • Software applications
  • TV episodes
  • TV episodes with ratings

What are Google’s favorite featured snippet formats?

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table
Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper is a great tool for implementing schema markup on your site. After using the markup helper, then you test your post page for the structured data using Structured Data Testing Tool.
Follow up the structured data tutorial and learn the easy way to get rich snippets in your page post results. Structured Data improve Ranks.

E. How To Increase Page speed To Improve Page Rank.

Check whether your website is mobile friendly by clicking HERE.
Check your page speed insight by clicking HERE.

Use of AMP to improve page rank ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )Use of AMP to improve page rank ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )

Accelerated mobile pages are an indication of a fast website by which some blocking java and CSS are not included to allow fast access of page info through the phone redirection. Google and other search engines consider the feature as good for SEO and tent to improve the page rank with AMP.

Multimedia experiences increase on page SEO. The webpage speed gradually increases the page rank in search results. The below are multimedia experiences that you can use on your website to increase on page SEO to improve page rank:-
  • Videos
  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Info-graphics
  • Forums
  • Demos
  • Checklists
  • Email series
  • Animated GIFs
  • Comics
  • Podcasts
At the same time, the above also add weight to our blog post making them slow if implemented incorrectly.Things that cause slow pages include bellow.

Causes Of Low-Speed Website.

  1. widgets and plugins.
  2. Java script codes.
  3. complex css codes.
  4. slow host server.
  5. image sizes.

Guide To Increase Page Speed To Improve Page Rank.

  • Minify java, CSS and HTML complex codes.
  • Optimize images before posting. ( How To Optimize Images ).
  • Get a fast hosting company ( How to Choose Hosting Company ).
  • Reduce theme templates, widgets, and Plugins.

F. Submitting Your Page To Directories.

Directories search traffic to a website. They also bring about a ranking of content. Make sure you have submitted your website to as many directories as possible to improve on page rank.

Top Directory Websites That Help Improve Page Rank.

  1. DMOZ.
  2. Best Of Web (BOTW ).
  3. Jasmine Directory.
  4. Article Base.
  5. Ezine Articles.

G. Pay for Search Ranking ADDS to improve Page Rank.

Many at times that we find companies ranking with ads for the famous keywords in google by paying for AdWords.  applicable to those who want to improve page rank by letting their content to be displayed on the top page of searched keywords.
This however, is not a free service.

from the above full guide about how to improve page rank in search engine results, we conclude that its not that easy. Neil Patel Has a good explanation on how To improve page rank in google & Reading the article will be of help to you. Thank you and get ready to improve your page rank today. Meanwhile , in-case you have questions feel free to contact us.

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