How To Change Blogger Static Page URL PermalinkStatic page URL permalink are generated by the blogger platform if you don't know about this trick. How to change blogger static page URL permalink depends on how you started over writing your page. If you start of the wrong way then blogger chooses the permalink URL that it thinks your page will need.  By so doing, the pages lack seo optimization since they may have numbers and non related words.
Sometimes back blogger used to have commands that allow the customization of the static page URL Permalink but as for now it doesn't. For such a reason, i have the best tutorial on how to change blogger static page URL Permalink. The blogger tutorial needs some simple blogger tricks.

Just like blogger post page , the static pages also take the title to be their static page URL but not all the time. When i made my first static pages such as contact and about , i made the mistake that i don't want you to follow and latter delete the page. How to change blogger page URL permalink is child's play. You want to know why i said so. Then without wasting time lets get to the tutorial.

How To Change Blogger Static Page URL

The static page URL is in custom generated by the blogger blog-spot platform from your topic. The whole tutorial on how to change static page URL is based on the title of the blogger static page you are writing about.

Step 1. Log in to Blogger and choose your specific website to add the new url to.
Step 2.
Click on Pages -Do not click on New Page (first follow the below highlighted  instructions, then proceed this second step).
Step 3. Minimize the browser, and go to your desktop. Right click on the desktop- New -Text Document (or create new document on your desktop).
Step 4. In the document, write the text separated with space that you want to use as a permalink.
Step 5. (read all text in this step, then do) Now, click on New page (as in step 2) and paste the text on the title, and the content field immediately. Make sure you have paste the code before auto save function activation otherwise it would not work.
Step 6. Once you proceed the above step successfully, you will get your own custom permalink for your static page. Now, delete the title, and write the main title you want, and write the content what you want to write, and publish it. That's it.
Step 7. Click on Save and Say welcome SEO.  

NB :
The most important part in the tutorial on how to change blogger page url (static page) is that , don't wait for blogger to save the empty page since it will assign its own numbers and words to the blogger static page URL permalink.
Always save your title somewhere so you can load it faster before blogger saves the empty page.

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How To Change Blogger Static Page URL With A P Letter Between Page URL.

Sometimes you may need to eliminate the p in the URL of your website and that's so hard to make but now its easy to change the blogger static page URL p function by using redirect method. All you have to do is assign some widgets to the static page URL you want to change.
A good example.
If You have a contact page which is like then you can now redirect it to like used in WordPress.
Thanks for following my tutorial. Till next time, continue enjoying my content.

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