How To Embed Instagram Post In Blogger Blog Website

Many or all bloggers use Instagram examples, it's easy when you use WordPress to add an embedded post in your blog post but in blogger, you have to add a simple one line code from your Instagram feed post. This is a good tutorial for all those who use blogger and photography websites since the can use this trick to show direct examples from their Instagram feed. I know you are now so eager to add the embedded Instagram post in blogger blog that you use but before that let's see how the feed will look like after adding the code by using the steps I will show you in your blogger post.
That's The DEMO

The look of the embedded Instagram post in blogger blog feed is just so premium and you can see how awesome it looks like on my blogger blog. You will be amazed to see how I used my Instagram photo in my feed to show it as an example it was a matter of copy and pasting a code to your website and that's it. Now am pretty sure you know what I mean when it comes to adding some good CPC blogger website SEO to your status with embedded Instagram post into your website post.

How To Embed Instagram Post In Blogger Blog Post.

Let me take you step by step in how I data the Instagram post in my blogger post. follow up the tutorial and you will be able to implement into your blogger blog.

1. Log in to your Instagram Account.

go to Instagram and log in with our own account with the post you want to embed into your blogger blog template.

How To Embed Instagram Post In Blogger Blog Website

 Do this with your pc if you have one it will be only possible in the pc version of Instagram and not in phones. If you would like to use the phone version of embedding Instagram post in your blogger blog then i would prefer you go to your browser like chrome and then turn the view method to desktop mode then access your Instagram from the Instagram web login and then continue with this tutorial and lets now pick the Instagram post so that we can use it in our blogger blog.

2. Click the Instagram post you want to use.

this will make the image view to enlarge so you can see the picture of the pst you want to implement into your blog post. When you click on it then the design is supported to look as below so we can access some Instagram features that are going to help us on the go ahead.

instagram post in website post

The above post is a good representation of how an Instagram post should look like when you click on it in desktop view. If that the image we want to use for the post then we will just complete some simple steps to add them to our blogger blogs.

3. Click on the right bottom corner Instagram post view dots button 

When your post shows up then you need to read out to the button indicated with dots on the left bellow dots indicated in an Instagram post desktop view. Click on the buttons and the result will be exactly ass displayed below.

instagram post in website post

The above presentation of the result of clicking the dots on the right side of an Instagram post that you want to add to a blogger website. There will be two option displayed in your dialogue box that will appear upon adding the activities indicated above and the sound like go to post and embed. As we have highlighted in our topics is that we want to embed the Instagram post in a blogger website, then there is some code that we will receive from Instagram platform to add to the blogger post by clicking on embed.

4. Click on Embed On Instagram Post.

After clicking on the click option in the Instagram post then a dialogue box appears with the option to opt out of using an image in the post or to use an image of the selected Instagram post you want to embed in the blogger website. The code then that appears on top is the one we will use to embed it into the blogger blog post by posting it in the post HTML editing mode.
You can copy into the clipboard by clicking the blue last button visible in the Instagram post embed dialogue box that appears and then now we can move on to blogger to add the Instagram postcode to your blogger post feed. Before we go to blogger the image below demonstrates how the Instagram post embed dialogue box appears and how the button appears for you to click and save the Instagram post HTML and java mode to display into your post.

Instagram embed Code

What Instagram uses to display your postcode on your website is called API and people using the Instagram plugin in WordPress already what I mean by API and that will help display your post in your website post. Let's go forward in adding the code to a blogger post.

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