Blogger Blog platform is best for seo, but sometimes we get a blocked resources from our Google website webmaster console site and we need to unblock them so that google can rank us even more better. To know you have blocked resources you will receive a message saying that These hosts serve site resources that are blocked to Google bot. If Google bot can't access important resources on your page, the page might be indexed incorrectly and hence you have to unblock the blocked resources. Blocked Resources in Google Search Console is a vice to your website SEO.
Google webmaster console flags as a Blocked Resource and hence requires you to unblock the widgets. Sometimes google bot are not able to use the code resources in your theme or settings to crawl through the posts and index them and as a return the message is send to your google search console website submission to inform you to change some code that may be blocking its google bot from crawling through.

How To Unblock Widgets.Pinterest Blocked Resources In Google Search Console

We are seeing a new flag in google's webmaster console for a Blocked Resource that refers to the Pinterest assets. Pinterest's robotx.txt file was accessible to Google bots until June 28 2016 and started blocking it. Never wory about the robot text since there are are a couple of steps that we can use so as the blocked resource can not be detected by google bot. The bellow widgets from pinterest resources are the main cause of the blocked resource in Google Search Console.


What google say about the Widgets.pinterest blocked resources.

If the 'pin it' buttons don't load, the page should in general still render OK. It wont block Google from being able to index your page.
Can reassure yourself, using the 'Fetch and Render' from 'Fetch as Google'. Check the screenshot, that all the text on the page is clearly visible, and the page layout is not messed up. Once confirmed that the block doesn't affect your rendering, can just ignore it. By: barryhunter - Google Personnel

The page may not render properly due to resources blocked by
Update the robots.txt rule to unblock the resource

Fetch and Render To Unblock Blocked Resources In Google Search Console

Click “Fetch and Render” in the Fetch-as-Google feature to view the page as Google renders it, and compare it to how a browser displays the page. This will help you isolate the impact of the missing resource.

Fetch as Google

Fetch as google is a tool that google uses to render the whole website with the authorization of the owner. Its a gold chance for people who use google fetch and render to get direct indexing of their information. People who use the fetch as google know the impact it plays in their indexing. This method is used also to solve blocked resources in  a website by giving the google bot extreme permissions to crawl your entire website.

Verify ownership of the blocked resource host

You must be a verified owner of the site hosting the blocked resources in order to use the robots.txt Tester on that site. If you are not a site owner, contact the owner to perform the next steps.
Verify host. There are various ways to verify yor website ownership in google webmaster tools.
Ways To Verify Ownership

Update The Blocking Robots.txt File To Unblock The Blocked Resources

Use the robots.txt Tester on the blocked site to help unblock the resource.
robots.txt tester.
Many robort.txt are simple but some people download complex robort.txt in their website to block some resources from being index by google bots that crawl a website and as a result you can get a website having lots of blocked resources messages in google webmaster tools. Its advisable to use the correct format or robort.text and avoid blocking many things apart from search
Good Example of google Robots.txt To Avoid Blocked Resources In Google Search Console.
The following is the advisable robots.txt that is advisable to use for your WordPress & Blogger website.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


Reasons Why  Widgets.Pinterest Get Blocked Resources Notice In Google Search Console

We block links if we think they might be spammy or unsafe. To make sure a link doesn't get blocked:
1. Check that the link goes directly to the website, not through a URL shortener (like or redirector
2. Pin with our official Pin It button 
3.In some cases, we block a website completely. If you think we made a mistake, just write back with:
  •     A link to your website or blog
  •     A link to a pin that's showing you the block error
  •     Thanks,
  •     The Pinterest Team


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