How To Add Schema Markup Structured Data To BloggerBlogger also supports schema markup. You can as well, change the look of your search results by adding rich snippets that will increase click-through rate and thats through Schema markup implementation to blogger blog template. In this post, we are going to learn on how to add different schema markup formats for different posts results in search engines such as Google. Get the best results from your search URL through adding schema markup. There are several structured data examples that use schema to be added to blogger templates, we will take a look at all of them also adding them to blogger.

Blogger Review Star Rating Shema Markup.

Review Star Rating is a rating system that shows the stars according to how people have reviewed your post and rated it.
blogger Review Star Rating schema
 The stars are seen just below the blogger URL or breadcrumbs, also they are above the meta description of a blogger blog post results. The review star rating shema markup is a one code implimentation structured data and if you would like to impliment it to your blogger blog template, click on the below button.

Click the above button andfollow the steps to add the structured data review star rating schema to your blogger blog.

Blogger Breadcrumbs Schema Markup.

Breadcrumbs are the navigation menu in your search results that appears under the title of your blogger blog post. The breadcrumbs use the navigation of menus and labels in your blogger blog to give options to people to move from on blogpost to another.
blogger breadcrumbs structured data
 Basically the breadcrumbs show labels that associate with the blog post and remove the URL from search results. In blogger, we have different methods to add the structured markup of breadcrumbs to your blogger post search results.  Click the below button to get the full tutorial on how to add the breadcrumbs schema markup.

Follow the easy steps to add the type of breadcrumbs schema markup that you will like vocabulary version. Let`s look at a different schema markup.

Blogger Sitelinks Search Box Schema Markup.

Sitelinks search box is best used in every website. To get the schema working in all your websites, you have to use the blogger json-ld version of the schema for site-links search box. 
sitelinks search box
The site links search box will appear when you finish up the whole idea of adding the jslod-ld seacrh box sitelink schema to your template and later it will appear in your homepage search results after having been ranked with many stories. Click On the button below to go to the tutorial to add the schema markup.

Blogger News Article Schema Markup.

Blogger members also have news article schema that they can implement to look better. Today I'm happy to inform you even google news will accept your proposal and add you to get the news corousel to your latest news. 
news article schema markup
When you implement the following schema markup your blogger website will now get all the specification that a WordPress carousel news receive in search results. Try the news article schema today in your blogger blog.

Blogger Article Schema Markup.

Article schema shows the post article first before the URL. The meta description is the rich snippets that is analyzed and showed in a rich result as the answer to a question asked.
Blogger Article Schema Markup.
Normally, the article schema work for only popularly known topics or questions and this can also be added to blogger. The article schema can get you in the first position even if your post is not the most top in Google since it gives the exact information in your meta description image and the post. To apply the article schema markup Follow the below post by pressing the topic button.

That`s all with the lesson on how to add schema markup structured data to blogger. Follow the steps well to get your search results looking rich with snipets that will increase your click through rate.Incase you face any difficalty in adding the schema markups to your blogger blog, dont feel it hard to talk to as and we will get back to you as soon  as posible.

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