How To Remove Powered By Blogger AttributionWhen you open up a blogger blog, you will get the gadget attribution in layout settings. It's a gadget that puts itself into place. It`s not every blogger will have the attribution of the website being powered by blogger but it's not bad to give the attribute after getting free hosting. To remove the Blogger Attribution gadget you have to customize some setting and in some other times some code. How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution takes basic knowledge in using blogger blog dashboard and let's know how to go about it.
Is It Illegal To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget in Blogger? The answer is no. Blogger actually gives you the ability to chose whether to use or not to use their credits. For the above reason, that`s why they add it as a widget gadget. Learn how to remove the footer credits as per the bellow attached methods. Its simple, very safe and not the contrary of Google terms and policies

Beginner bloggers think that when they remove their blogger attribute gadget it will cost their template takedown. That`s, not it, you are allowed to remove the attribution from blogger blog whenever you want. Many at times bloggers would like to show that the template is theirs and they add all copyright reserved for a particular website as attributes. This is mainly mounted in The footer of the template.

Only in free templates that encrypted that you cannot remove the designer footer credit because it may cost you your full template. In blogger dashboard area we are going to use method one to legitimately remove the footer credits from your blogger blog in the layout section of your preferred blogger website dashboard. In the second method, we are going to use code customization to make sure the widget gadget showing powered by blogger gets out of the layout at once. In case your website doesn`t support any of the two types, please contact me and I will help you out. Am sure you are now interested to start the powered by blogger removal and let`s see the first method.

How To Remove Blogger Powered By Blogger Attribution Widget. 

Step 1. Log in to Blogger and choose your specific website to remove the powered by blogger.
Step 2. Reach out to the left commands by navigating to the layout.
Step 3. Click on the gadget on which is named attribution.
Step 4. Click on Edit.
Step 5. Click On Remove. That`s Its.

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution
sometimes the gadget may be locked in some templates and that has to be removed by using the code to remove the locked value from true to false. To do so you have to use the Attribution1 id of the widget to search for the widget code and change the locked widget id to false. Let`s go by the tutorial and see what to do.

Step 1. Go to Blogger Layout and scroll down the page then click the Edit link in Footer.
Step 2. Now click the address bar and go to last then find " widgetid=Attribution1 " and Copy the Attribution1.
Step 3. Now go to Blogger Theme and click Edit HTML button.
Step 4. Click on the Code then Press Ctrl+F and Paste the Attribution1 then click enter.
Step 5. We change the locked value like locked="false" and click Save Template.
Step 6. Again Go to Blogger Layout and scroll down click Edit link in Footer.
Step 7.  Here we See the Remove button click it and click OK button.

That`s It With removing blogger attribution widget in a blogger blog. You are now conversant with how to remove a locked attribution widget from your blogger blog without trouble. If you fount the tutorial hard, you can contact me and I can be of great help. If you also liked the post share and comment down below. Enjoy your own credits today.


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