How To Rank Without Long Blog Posts ContentRanking is a part of everyone's journey in the success of any blogger. Its been evident that the people who rank will tell you about writing the long posts that will be a great competition for the competitors writing about same topics in their blogs. Today, we will take a look at my thought regarding ranking in posts through content amount. Without wasting more time lets dig into the main points on ranking without long blog posts content and help you do less for more.

Ways To Rank Without Long Blog Post Content.

Ranking takes more of blog posts quality, format, grammar, markup and style. Content quantity will determine if you have at least 300 words in your posts which is the required minimum of any blog post. As long as you have a blog post having more than 300 words you don't have to worry about ranking if you keep the below standards.

1. Use the correct markup in your blog post.

The only way to stand out with your blog post content is if its represented  in the best way.The correct markup means that the markup used to specify topics , pictures and content throughout your blog post are the best type. This happens by making sure that when you upload your news post, the news schema markup should be used. The same happens to blog post which should take use of blog posting schema markup to accompany the spinets of the blog passage. If this is new to you, feel free to visit the below link to learn more on how to use schema markup in your post to make it reach and better in search results.

2. Include Internal and External Links.

Linking is a major key towards ranking procedure. Good blog post linking is the one that has topics that are related or have mutual info linked together to add the click through rate that indicates the satisfaction of the blog visitor to your content. Search engines mearure the engagement of the blog visitor through the click through rate and the time taken on your blog post to know whether the visitor likes what he or she is lokking for. Mostly when one is not satisfied with the info, they tend to get more and more. If visitors spend less time on your blog post, you have to consider making your post more interesting and rich in quality and the representation of it.

Having known what internal and external linking where we say internal links comes from your own blog posts and external linking comes from other peoples blog which you add to redirect visitors to other peoples blog pages and that may increase your ranking if you link to ranking sites.

3. Requesting Backlinks from other related blog posts.

Backlinks are the links that redirect to your blog urls. This is evident where visitors are redirected to your pages from the backlinks URL`s. The more the backlinks you get, the more you get recognized by search engines. For that reason, its well most advised that you request for backlinks from your competitors and well ranked blog urls. You can check the Alexa ranks of them and request for backlinks.
Backlinks should be derived from well ranked blog pages. A slight mistakes in getting backlinks from spam urls may cause a significant lowering penalty of your ranking in search results. Google will kill your ranking for getting backlinks using bots. Its well advised to use the best secure means of guest writing and requesting for them.

I hope i played a significat role in telling you what i do to rank in all my pots. As an SEO expert, i would advice  that bloggers should think of giving more quality value from their blog post that large quantity of words that would not let the visitor get desired information from the blog posts.

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