Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog
You can permanently delete a blogger blog in Blogger with full backup or without backup to remove your hosted blogger files from Google Company Blogger Host. Learn below from safe way to go by deleting your blogger website without jeopardizing your premium blogger template or full blog post content by ensuring complete backup from the simple ways shared in the post. Let's start with How to backup your blogger blog website template and content, then how to permanently delete it and removing the URLs from the search engine.

Steps To Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog 

1. Choose your website in
2. Click on Settings
3. Click on Other
4. Bellow Import and Backup click on Delete Blog.
5. A dialogue box that highlights below appear.
Deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days before they are removed forever. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with. 
Delete Blogger blog
6. Click on Delete This Blog
7. On the select websites top left corner click on it.
8. Click on the Deleted website from the deleted blogs column and click on Delete permanently as shown below.
Blogger Delete Permanently

Restore A Deleted Blogger Blog.

To restore, on the steps shown in delete blog, you will have to stop at the permanently delete option where we have the undelete option next to it.
Caution | If you permanently delete your blogger blog after deleting it from setting and from deleted blogs list, you will never restore your website back. For that reason, it is vital to save all your data by backup & restore and also not deleting it from the deleted blogs.

How To Back up, import, or delete your Blogger blog

You can easily backup your blogger website post content and import it in another blog. Just follow the below steps.
1. Visit the panel of your blogger website.
2. Click on setting in the left panel.
3. Click on the option labeled - Other.
4. On the first option, Delete& Backup click on Backup Content.
5. A dialogue box will appear showing The backup content include posts, pages & content.
6. Click on Save to your computer and that's all.
Back up Content

How To Back up Your Blogger Theme Template

A blogger template takes time to get it to the pro part of earning with it and coding parts. You may like to use it in another blogger blog website and that brings it down to save it before everything is lost. To save your blogger template before Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog, follow the below steps.
1. Visit Your blogger and choose the website.
2. Click on Theme in the left side panel.
3. On the far upper right side, click on Backup / Restore.
4. A dialogue box highlighting the below will appear.
Download a backup of your theme. Some gadgets may not be backed up.
5. Click on Download Theme and that's all.

Top Safety Measures Of Deleting A Blogger Blog.

1. Backup Your Blogger Template
2. Backup your Pages, Posts and Comments
3. Leave your deleted blogger website in the deleted blog list for later undelete activity
4. Counter check on the selected website before delete

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