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Whats A Favicon?

A Favicon in a trademark image that generally represents your website by branding it with the physical representation of the icon image example. Most responsive favicons are made in PNG formats and shoot be of fewer sizes but clear pixels.

Whats A Favicon

How To Add A Website Favicon In Browser Tabs.

Depending on your website building platform then you can use any Between Blogger and Wordpress platform to change your website favicon. Let's start with Wordpress and Go down to blogger.

1. How To Set Up Wordpress Favicon In Browser Tabs.

Wordpress favicons are easy to add since the option always in the settings options.
a. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
b. Navigate to WordPress settings and click on it as shown in the image below.

wordpress favicon
c. Click on website info as it appears in the WordPress screenshot above.
d. On the favicon, option-click on Choose Image and select your responsive square png in your stored folder location area.
e. That all, save your settings and refresh your WordPress website to see the changes. In some instances, you may have to make a profile on the wordpress.org website to get to change the favicon.

2. How To Set Up Blogger Website favicon.

In Blogger.com platform, things are a little easier than WordPress because the blogger favicon changing option is in at a friendly viewpoint in the layout option of your blogger template.
a. Open blogger.com and select your website.
b. Click on Layout option in the left side of the bogger pannel.
c. On the top list of the blogger layout of your blogger theme template, you will see the label favicon as shown in the screenshot image below.
blogger favicon
d. Click on Edit and locate your website favicon and place it in your website template.
e. Click on save and that's all.

With the above information, you can easily change any Blogger and WordPress website favicon and set it to appear at the browser tab after website page load. 

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