This time around, we have in store for you this good-looking responsive weather widget that works well with all blogger templates. Blogger blogs now have the privilege of having WordPress like looks. Now that every widget that is made in WordPress support background, now we can implement them in blogger websites. The weather widget we are going to you is at it looks below. It's a simple code implementation and will work well after the name of the town is added to the code.
The Login widget is not automatic synced such as that of the apiin WordPress websites but it is well suited for people running news or branded websites that suit one country. Copy the code and add it as shown below.

How To Add The Weather Widget In Blogger Website.

1. Login To
2. Click on the layout at left side blogger options.
3. In the sidebar, panel click on Add a Gadget Option.
4. Chose the HTML/Javascript option.
5. Copy and Paste the code below in code part.
 <!-- weather widget start --><a target="_blank" href=""><img src=""  alt=""/></a><!-- weather widget end -->
6. Click on the save button and check your widget.

Note : Change name Nairobi to your own place, town or Coty

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