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The way search engines interact with our website matters a lot and hence we need blogging tools to boost your website SEO.  No matter your niche of blogging, some tools are so paramount for better search results. Learn through the lines on the types of website blogging tools we are talking about and how to use them for better SEO. Make bookmarks, download applications and add browser extension tools that will be discussed for better optimization. Let's jump in the SEO tutorial.

1. Plagiarism Checker Tool

This is the number one tool. This is because you never know where your guest writers are getting their content from. Plagiarism causes search engines to affect the ranking of your website. To avoid so, you need to check the post written for plagiarism before publishing the post at all times. For that reason, we have online checker tools in form of websites such as Grammarly that works well. Click the below button to take you to the website and bookmark it to easily open the page for later use.
Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Tool

2. Image Compression

Image compression is a major in optimization which brings it down to the user experience which changes the search engines view on your website. Statistics from Google show that, many users that access posts with high speed are likely to come back for more. Its the work of every blogger to compress images that are going to be used in a post with graphics applications such as Photoshop and Lightroom so as to improve page loading speeds. In case you cont have the above software, don't mind since we have compressing tools online and I will recommend the below compression engine. Use it to compress your images. If you are a WordPress user, you have even more image compression engines widgets and plugins to help you. For Blogger users, you will have to use the above-indicated tools to optimize your images. Click the Below link.
TinyPNG Image Compression Tool.

3. Keyword Position Checker.

The way you place your keywords in your website posts is a major for SEO. We have some tools that measure the number of keywords used and where they are placed in the post and meta description. These tools help depict how you are going to interlink the post with the related posts and also put the best keywords at specific points in your post that will work well with your website SEO.
For WordPress users, the tool mostly used is the Yoast Seo plugin which has lots of search engine added advantage of directing the post written on the number count, placement of the keywords in the post and the way you will interlink the inbound links and outbound links for better SEO.
For Blogger users, we have a different Yoast plugin for our websites since blogger does not support plugins. This time around we have to place a series of inter-related meta tags that work with each other to show search engines where the keywords are in a post.
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4. Backlink Checker Tool.

The amount of websites that link to your website is what we call backlink. Most of the times backlinks are gotten from several areas such as comments, guest writing and interacting with website authors to place your website URL of a post to their websites. Normally, search engines take a look at the websites that link to your website to see the quality or rank they have so they can rank your posts regarding on the rank your backlinks are originated from. It's advisable to get links from the top ranking websites for better search engine ranking and post optimization. In most times, if your website contains good posts that people feel they want to link their websites to there, they will do so without you knowing and to know what websites are linked to yours, you need internet tools such as:-
a- Google Webmaster Tools.
b- Se0 Profiler
c- Semrush and other website tools online.
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5. Website SEO Score Checker

Recently there are thousands of SEO websites that are ready to teach everything about SEO and give around website SEO results. Take are which SEO measuring tools you use since some are totally scam. When I started blogging, I took interest in the most ranked search engine tutorial website such as Moz only till I got to know the real Seo that I need for my website. I went around changing templates and looking for search engine services till I learned about writing search engine optimized posts for better ranking and ranked in each and every post that I write. This gives you a chance to do everything differently. Start your post like a pro writter and blogger , do the linking well and also place what people want in a post in a good user expirienxe environmnet and you can espect the best out of it.
To check your SEO scores, you can use the bellow website tools.
a- Site Checker
b- Nei Patel Seo Analyser
c- Seo Tester Online
d- Seo Site Checkup

6. Google Page Speed Checker

Finaly,  the most paramount thing a website desighner looks at when he/she is done coding the website template is actualy the speed of the website at load time. Google speed checker is a tool that test all the code resources in a website to give out the correct statistics on the amount of time a website takes to load in a pc view and mobile view. responsive websites should have good loading speed insights. The jasvascript, jquery, css and html code used in a website have their size of space that they occupy in a server hosting the website files and they should be otimized and hosted of fast loading severs to make sure that the website users get the website in a fast effective & efficient way. Thanks to google , now you can moniter the resources that make your website slow at loading time and get to change the modules for better loading speeds. Its good to keep your website looking fancy for getting regular blog visitors but still the loading speed matters alot. Google statistics show that, website with better loading speeds get regular visitors than websites with slow loading speeds.
To Check your website loading speed click the below link
Google Speed Insights Blogging Tool.

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