Seo Tips For Blogger Blog Website
Search engine optimization is even easier in blogger comparing to other blogging platforms such as Wix and Tumblr. It's even easier to rank with small posts in blogger since the hosted posts are in Google server and platforms. Things that concern SEO and indexing are what we will cover in this post to show the best SEO tips for any Blogger blog website creator out there.
First and foremost, Search engine optimization is the search results of search engine bots that crawl in a website to see the resources in your posts and web design to decide whether to rank your post for top lists viewing by large mass numbers. Let's see these various ways you can do better SEO in blogger blogs for ranking.

1. Submit your sitemaps for SEO ( Pages & Posts sitemaps).

sitemaps help crawlers in creating a crawling path through the posts of the blog so as to read the content in the post. There are mainly two sitemaps that are there in google webmaster tools that should be submitted.

a. Pages sitemap

This sitemap helps the search engine crawlers go through your pages from
1. Contact page
2.About us page
3. advertisements page
The above pages and many more can well be ranked if you submit your pages sitemap in webmaster tools by adding the sitemap as shown below.
Step 1: Click on Add sitemap in the left side of google webmaster tools and add the below line in the text input space provided
After input of the above line, click on submit.

b. Posts sitemap

Posts sitemap submission acts the same as the page sitemaps as its the sitemap that helps search engine bots reach your post content for ranking and much more. To add blogger post sitemap in google webmaster tools, add the bellow line of URL and click on submit.

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