Top Necessary Seo Marketing  for Website Traffic
Generating traffic is the most paramount things that take into consideration the most key things a website and search engine requirements. According to Seo Clive, the most efficient method of getting traffic is the Black SEO method. This entitles things that can be done to please the users directly. Some of the key things include marketing, AdWords, keywords, growth harking among others that we are going to tackle one by one.

1.    Digital Marketing - (Social Media Marketing)

Digital marketing is general showcasing products in the social media platforms to generate customers and more users and clicks. Take into consideration some of the greatest betting websites around and you will see how they are able to generate income through the internet and advertisements all over the places around. The same technique can be used by any other Blogger out there who makes income through ads. You will agree with me that, most of the people that regularly come to your website back after visiting before are brought by regular digital marketing.
Some of the best digital platforms with the most traffic include: -
a.    Facebook
b.    Reddit
c.    Google plus
d.    Twitter
Installing the best media cards in your website template cord may increase the click-through rate in your digital world and that’s what we need. This type of digital media cards includes Twitter and Facebook cards. The changing look of your website link in the post by arranging the post share with post thumbnail and a small snippet.

2.    Content Marketing

Content marketing is different from digital marketing in the way that, you only market what is inside the website to generate more sales or event clicks. By so doing, some of the biggest web brands around have popular brand ambassadors to appear in posts. To market your content, you need interesting deals, products, and productive posts. The below points are the most needed content marketing skills.
a.    Quality Products
b.    Quality Posts
c.    Marketing plan
d.    Product deals
e.    Good User interface
Even with quality products and good posts, without a marketing plan and great user interface, it will be the hardest thing ever to automate good sales and clicks on your website. I like the beautiful website with a simple and legitimate looking interface. What actually distinguishes the pro websites from a fake website, is the interface that the website has for users. Product deals include things like the Black Friday deals that people can get discounts on goods in a particular given time. All the above points really play a major role in traffic generation and automation.

3.    Affiliate marketing.

You can get people coming to your website through affiliate marketing. In the outside world, we have people who have an enormous amount of followers and marketing agencies that can generate a large number of website users by them publishing your ads in their social media and mass sharing. These services are done for a price with a measure of how many people have been brought to your website by the advertisers.

4.    Growth hacking

Growth hacking includes generating traffic with extra marketing skills that exceed other website marketing plans. Some of these growth hacking techniques include giving away free staff from related post topics. Take for instance apple company wants to generate more product visitors, they include a free iPhone x to people that will comment on any product on apple website to enter into the draw. This is a 100% traffic generation method for your website, believe it or not.

5.    Google AdWords

Google AdWords always help to rank in search results even more than the one competing company with the best post concerning the same topic. Whenever you use AdWords well, you will always appear in top number one even with a less post. Take in an example of Hosting in the USA. When you search hosting in the USA, the top hosting companies in the USA will not appear first. Instead, you will see Go daddy hosting company based in the UK as number one in search results.
Google AdWords is a paid for service, but it’s very efficient and good for any topic you want to rank in. When both SEO and good content writing get combined in a post and later google AdWords used, you will always rank number one in that topic in Google.

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