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The difference between WordPress and in blogging is the requirements to your expected blog design and expectations. You may happen to archive more in WordPress than in but that doesn't make less productive. The big question is, Which Is The  Best Blogging Platform. I have used blogger for 10 years with experience in both WordPress and blogger web design and that gives me a reason to choose the best platform for bloggers use. Lets get dipper to choose between vs WordPress, and see which one is the best for blogging.

Features of Both & WordPress.

The functionality features of the desired platform is a major considerations. Choosing between both of this platforms is based on the cost of website building , SEO and user interface. Blogging is different from woo-commerce and organization websites. Lets get down the specific features that will make you choose which platform to use in your blogging life.

Features & Functionalities Of WordPress Blogging Platform.

WordPress is well known in building dynamic website designs with easy integrations of functionalities through plugin installations and multiple website template use. The bellow listed points include reasons to choose WordPress blogging platform for its features.

1. Plenty of Template Themes.

WordPress has a wide range of customized templates to choose from all over the internet. Its templates can be found on famous template selling websites such as the Theme-forest and Etsy. You have a wide range of templates builders that can help you design for yourself your design plan. Integration of buying and selling of products is even made easy in WordPress, something that will not happen in future. Choosing a template in WordPress is easy but the downside of it is that , most WordPress themes are EXPENSIVE.

2. User Friendly Admin Panel.

I always envy how the admin panel in WordPress looks like all the time and i wish i had such a beautiful panel in Everything in the website is run from the admin panel making its so simple to integrate plugins and API`s from different platform to work on the server admin panel. Everyday WordPress gets better as the plugins get updated and more functionalities added. This gets better after adding SEO plugins such as Yoast Seo which predicts the search engine capabilities of ranking when witting your post before publishing. I wish would add more functions to its admin panel and people would appreciate more.

3. Hosting WordPress on Any Compatible Server.

A server is a data holding computer that stores your website data and folders. has only one compatible server since all its websites are hosted in Google web servers. In WordPress, you can host your website in any web server if its compatible with the WordPress application. Hosting is EXPENSIVE. Approximate 90% of all the hosting companies in the world host websites annually at a fee of 50$ without considering a web domain. For a small blogging website that is generally a lot of money billed yearly. In you can have your first year in WordPress for only 12$ and that's cheap.

4. You Can Use Root Domain. ( eg. instead of )

The root domain is always short ad SEO friendly. All professional websites tend to use root domains instead of sub-domains to link their websites. This feature is absent in blogger platform that makes it not advisable to use use in woo-commerce websites. That`s a big downside of blogger and that's why we give big check-mark to WordPress.

5. Choose Of Link Formats.

linking formats are different, there is the one with date numbers in between and the ones without any number linking direct to the words without a HTML ending word. In blogger you only get to choose the link words but the date numbers are added automatically to your website without extra permissions making the URL non user friendly and not the best for SEO. Date numbers in URL are only best in news websites and not for tutorials and serious contents.

WordPress has thousands of customizable functionalities that this post cannot highlight. The main reasons why people choose the WordPress functionalities is because of the diversity and clean user friendly professional Admin panel.

Features & Functionalities Of Blogging Platform.

1. FREE Hosting.

This is the number one reasons why millions people use Consider a beginner blogger wants to start over having his first website, it would be best advisable to use without spending on WordPress platform which is simple and EXPENSIVE to start. The same reason is to why i use up to date. Basically all you need is a google email address from gmail. The Google web servers hosting blogger websites are fast enough to make sure your websites will never have downtime. Any traffic coming to your website is not measured to limit your hosting plan which is always free and that gives me joy which every blogger using platform has.

2. FREE Domain.

If you are looking forward to have a FREE domain to start blogging with without buying your own custom domain then is the perfect blogging platform to be. Your website will have a .blogger name extension. Lets say your website name is true host, then your free domain name will be which will redirect every traffic to their country short name extension. Its a good feature for beginner bloggers but i would recommend buying a custom domain after having your blogger free domain and hosting.

3. FREE Email Marketing.

Many beginners in don't really know about the FREE email subscribe marketing lifetime plan provided free from Google in the feed burner RSS feeds. That`s the email marketing strategy company i have used for the past 10 years and its actually the best ever marketing plan. Most WordPress email subscriptions have a fee. Such email marketing companies include, mail chimp which is the worlds number one best email marketing plan and RSS. To make use of this free blogger feature head on to and register your website RSS feeds to be burnt for email marketing.

4. Fast Indexing.

Indexing is search engine appearance of your website links in search engines. This is expected since you are hosted by the biggest search engine company holding number one in the Alexa rank. As soon as you make a website in blogger, you are indexed within minutes compared to blogger which you have to head to webmaster tools to submit your website for indexing. This shows that still search engines can consider a blogger website having small features.

NOTE. is a free platform with all free features which makes it less productive since its not invested by programmers to make it the best, but if you are good in understanding search engines and you are a blogger who wants to make money from ad revenue, then i would consider using blogger.
Before we choose which is which, lets see the different reasons to my final choose to which one of the two platforms is the best for blogging.

Reasons Why Blogger Is The Best Blogging Platform.

Besides making quality content and becoming a public figure, being a blogger is all about making money out of your website. A website based on making money without adds is not a blogging website. Such websites include :-
a. Woo commerce
b. Affiliate Marketing Websites.
c. Brand Websites.
The above types of websites are not categorized in blogging and that's why is best to use WordPress in those websites, but as a blogger, the main reason you make a website is to place ads and make money. platform gives you all feature for FREE. Any revenue you get from blogging is not brought back to buy the expensive hosting plan as it is in WordPress. Almost all free features and functionalities are expensive in WordPress. The bottom line as to why is the best blogging platform is that you will make more money and rank if you are good in blogging.
Before i started blogging in, i had come across different websites talking about how WordPress is the best platform compared to all the others in blogging . With less capital to start my own blog, and no many to pay for hosting and domain services, i decided to consider to use the platform before i get capital. With a 10 years experience in blogging, i can now tell that there is no major difference between and WordPress platform. In fact blogger cuts down my cost of blogging making it possible for me to generate more revenue.
How To Get Started Wit The Best Blogging Platform
Its as simple as having a gmail account and heading over to
Blogspot is the domain name extension of the blogger platform, they are one and the same.


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