Website User Interface Design Tutorial For all Platforms

Design of website interface aimed at attaining better ranking and SEO should have a design plan that triggers google ranks. Choosing a blogging platform can be easy according to your website design plan. Some of the most great content websites and online business websites have web design made according to their marketing strategy. The best top platforms to base your web design in are WordPress and Blogger. Lets take a look at the most paramount website user interface design steps and procedures to build your successful website like a pro.

Choosing A Website Building Platform.

User experience comes first. The most high ranking websites are built for better user experience designs. You get high preferences when it comes to word press platform. This is brought about by high availability of templates and drag and drop builders. On the other hand, blogger is enriched with free offers and options. The attached options are the reasons to choose any of the platforms.

Why To Choose WordPress For Website Design.

  1. Plenty of web design templates.
  2. AMP options for fast mobile pages
  3. SEO plugins.
  4. Drag and Drop capabilities.

Why To Choose Blogger For Website Design.

  1. Free Hosting services.
  2. Free templates.
  3. Free SSL certificates.
  4. Free email rss feeds.

Color in Website User Interface Design.

Bounce rate is a high ranking factor in SEO and responsive web design. Search engines calculate the amount of time people stay on your website page and record the time they take to bounce from your website URL and that's the bounce rate. This connects with how people appreciate your post content and general user interface of your website. Good looking Color patterns in a website user interface design experience can highly change the way search engine ranking and the web page user interactions.

Websites To Help You Choose Colors

HTML Color Codes -
HEX Color Codes -
RGB Color Codes -\


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