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Joecalih Photographer Based In Nairobi Kenya

Joecalih is a Photographer from Nairobi Kenya. Being a portrait and commercial photographer, he has collaborated with great b…

HD Nature Wallpapers Download

Nature wallpapers have never been better compared to what Joecalih delivers to the society in 2019. The best ever nature wallpape…

Stylish Blogger Cookies Notification Bar Widget

Blogger Cookies notification bar is popup that will show up if our blog being accessed inside Europe Country Region. This t…

Blogger Vs WordPress - Which Is Best Blogging Platform?

The difference between WordPress and in blogging is the requirements to your expected blog design and expectati…

Website User Interface Design Tutorial For all Platforms

Design of website interface aimed at attaining better ranking and SEO should have a design plan that triggers google rank…

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About Joecalih

This website is a Blogger template, tutorials and Photography blog resource equipped with Presets and Luts for cinematic editing. + Learning tutorials for Blogger website development entailing widgets, plugins and SEO solutions are featured - Enjoy Reading.


Web resource for blogger widgets and desigh plugins for development.


Free download blogger templates and purchace top Blogger Premiun templates.


Get step to step guide for blogger solutions with tips and tricks for Blogger solutions.


Archive for Joecalih Portifolio and Gear lessons from the profesional Photographer, Book Today.


Download best editting Presets and Cinematic Luts from Preset Archive resources.


Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your website search ranking.